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Self-Remembering, by Robert Earl Burton

The Fellowship of Friends is a worldwide philosophical community and school, founded in 1970 by Burton and following the tradition of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky that is called the “Fourth Way.” Burton has a brilliant and stimulating vision that evokes all kinds of experimenting with the “machine,” with one’s ego structure: “The soul, like any pearl, must be created by transforming irritation. Voluntary suffering can serve this purpose.” Try sitting in an uncomfortable way - for example, on a cassette - for fifteen minutes; then try something else. Turn your heater down. Create friction. Avoid self-pity. Hide your suffering. Burton stresses educating and disciplining the emotions and being permanently alert - i.e., self-remembering. “What one gains, all gain,” he says as he explains personal transformation for his group of pupils. In an equally compelling way, he describes “Influence C” - conscious, immaterial beings who assist man. An extensive glossary describes the specific terminology of the Fourth Way.

Peter den Haring

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robert e. burton: self-remembering

York Beach, Maine: Samuel Weiser, 1995.

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